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Find martial arts weapons, including swords, sticks, staffs and throwing items, at the most popular online stores, quickly and easily. Browse several of the top shops below.

Martial Arts Mart
This martial arts supply shop stocks equipment such as sticks, fans, kung fu weapons, swords, staffs, thown weapons, padded weapons and practice weapons, along with sparring gear and protection items. Click right below to visit them:
Martial Arts Mart for weapons
You may be surprised when you see all the martial arts and karate equipment Amazon carries. They have lots of uniforms, protective equipment, training gear, weapons, instructional books and DVDs. has sporting goods

Online Sports
Online Sports is an etailer that stocks a huge variety of sports gear, including lots of judo, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu and Karate uniforms, body pads and shields, chest protectors, gloves, hand pads, heavy bags, head gear, mouthpieces, shin guards, speed bags and targets.
They don't stock weapons, but they do have instructional videos and DVDs featuring martial arts weapons. - Unique Sports Gifts

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